Is There a Need for Life Insurance When You Retire?

The primary purpose of life insurance is to protect your family against a loss of income should you or your spouse pass away. Life insurance benefits are especially important for individuals who still have dependents or have accrued a significant amount of debt. So, if you don’t fit this description and have plenty of income to live on in retirement, is it really necessary for you to retain a policy? Of course, the answer will depend on your situation—your current debts and assets, your extant resources, and the overall framework of your financial plan. However, you may want to consider if retaining, obtaining, or converting your policy would be beneficial for you.
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Life Insurance Policy Options

An untimely death can have a major financial impact on those left behind, particularly if there is a mortgage to pay, credit card debt, or an outstanding auto loan.  Even final expenses can be a burden. There are a variety of life insurance policy options that you can choose from.
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